Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer living

Wow! 97 degrees here yesterday and felt like 110. It's a little cooler today, and I'm off to have a wonderful lunch with some terrific Barnes and Noble booksellers. 21 pounds of Warrior buttons arrived on my doorstep yesterday, so I'll have plenty to give away in Dallas at the RWA booksigning. Yay!

In movie news, we saw Fantastic Four and it was really fun - finally a sequel that we enjoyed. (Although Pirates was fun, just . . . missing something.) I took Princess to see the Nancy Drew movie and was very unimpressed. I grew up on Nancy Drew and expected the movie version to be at least as intelligent as the book sleuth - sadly, no. But Princess loved it. She's 7, though, and also loves Barbie movies, so that's not really saying much.

Still jonesing to see Ocean's 13 and Evan Almighty is coming out soon - this weekend? - and looks fun. Summer is movie time, definitely. Especially since I mailed off the copyedits for Ven's book, Atlantis Awakening, yesterday and am hard at work on Ethan's novella.

But this weekend: Camping. I promised the family I'd finally go camping with them. Somehow I was lucky enough to miss all the scouting trips, that conveniently took place when I was at conference or on deadline. I have a bit of a rep as a high-maintenance princess among my family members, which is totally unfair! I camped a lot before you were born, I keep telling the kidlets. They are unimpressed. My son keeps patting my arm and telling me "It will be all right, Mommy."

Sigh. Need to go shopping for bug spray.

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RandomRanter said...

I liked Nancy Drew but I never read the books so perhaps that is the difference. Other than the confusion between the need for the Heimlich maneuver as compared to CPR that is.