Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A fan girl squee moment!!

Amanda Tapping just friended me on MySpace. I've loved her forever and ever on SG-1 and now on SG Atlantis. SHE friended ME. Seriously. I may be too overwhelmed to do anything useful today, just basking in the awesomeness that is Colonel Carter. (yes, I realize it's probably her 4th assistant from the left who does this sort of thing, but allow me my basking, 'kay? LOL)

And she's totally cute with long hair this season, isn't she?

In book news, THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you who rushed out on release day to find ATLANTIS AWAKENING!! And thank you for badgering those bookstore clerks to unpack it if you didn't find it on shelves!! I LOVE my readers!!


Stacy L. said...

My husband and I are fans of SG-1 and SG Atlantis so I let out a fan qirl squeel for you! Woo Hoo!

And....I'm on page 141 and loving it! I would be further along but I had to work yesterday and most of today so that really cut into my reading time. LOL


Ann M. said...

This might just be a reason for getting a Myspace account. AT is a wonderfully talented actress and she really does giggle in person.

Somewhere at home I have my picture taken with her when I went to GATECON.

Yes.. definitely a squee fangirl moment.

I don't know if you have the time but Joe Mazolli (one of the producers of SG1 and Atlantis) has a daily blog that he writes about what is happening on set.. to what he is eating (loves restaurants) .. to what his pugs are doing (he and his wife have pugs .. no kids.)

Here I thought the squee was on the opening numbers for the book. :)

On the SG Atlantis.. it is killing me here not watching the latest season. Sigh.. I may be reduced to waiting until it is out on DVD.

Alyssa Day said...

She's just wonderful, isn't she?? I'm thrilled that she came over to SG-A, but I do miss Dr. Weir. Yay Stacy!! and why do those bad employers make you work on release day??? lol.

blackroze37 said...

i just went back and bought WILD THING. i tried to blog you on fresh fiction, but it wouldnt let me

hun you have a hellish imgantion to think up those warriors! HOTHOTHOT

Stacy L. said...

I'm finished. OMG! Alyssa it was sooooo good. But poor Justice!!!! And you left my poor Brennan still gravely wounded! May is waaaaaaay too far away!! Thank you for another great read!


Anonymous said...

Hey Alyssa,

I have been meaning to write and tell you I enjoyed "Atlantis Rising" and promptly passed it on to my friends. It was the only book from the con I had a chance to read before Nano started. "Atlantis Awakening" and Lani's books are going to be my reward for finishing.

I thought of you last night though when the kids were watching "Atlantis Squarepantis." There was a reference to Neptune Rising, and you can guess where my mind went. ;)

Anyway, thanks for the great talk at the conference, and the enjoyable read.