Saturday, November 03, 2007

A new review!!

Only three days till release!! And the fabulous reviews are still pouring in!

>>ATLANTIS AWAKENING is a whirlwind adventure from beginning to end. Ven has always known what his duties are and where his loyalty lay. Meeting Erin and falling in love were not in his plans. Erin has learned to seal off her emotions in her single-minded pursuit of revenge. Ven has the ability to make her open herself up emotionally. And she is more terrified of that than her enemies. Vibrant writing, strong characters, and non-stop action fuel the passion between Erin and Ven. Intimacy and romance are as intense as the battles they fight. Threads from previous and future stories are deftly woven in, but this tale stands alone well. I highly recommend ATLANTIS AWAKENING, another winner in this powerhouse series.

--Jennell, Romance Reviews Today


Ann M. said...

:) Great review. Love it vibrant writing.

Yes.. yes.. yes.. Powerhouse series.


Stacy L. said...

Alyssa - I wanted to let you know that some of my friends have found Atlantis Awakening early (please don't cringe!) and they LOVE it! One of them even said she couldn't decide whether to read it all in one sitting or drag it out because it is so darn good. She plans to do a reread as soon as she finishes! Everyone who did find it early said they loved it!

**sigh** However, I'm waiting until next week and plan to start as soon as I get it on Tuesday!


Alyssa Day said...

Hi Stacy!! I love every single person who buys my book and think they're all lovely, intelligent people, no matter when they buy it. LOL. But thank you for holding off - that first week velocity rush is important to the editor types. :)

Trish said...

I pre-ordered mine like a good little girl and it was FABULOUS.

THE ENDING THO!!!!!!! Did NOT see that coming!!! Can't wait for Justice's story now ;)