Friday, November 16, 2007

I like Chuck!

And, seriously, any show with Jayne from Firefly, the ever-hilarious Adam Baldwin, had me at "Let's be bad guys." heh.

So my friend Barb aka Caridad Ferrer told me about a fab organization called Clothes off our Backs, that makes good uses of all those celebrity cast-offs and goody bag loot. (There's a great NY Times article, quoting Barb, who wore an Oscar dress to win the RITA, here).

And I peeked over to take a look, natch. Now the girls have not fit in a size 34B since junior high, because I have my Italian-Irish curves, so the corset auction was out. But I surfed around a little, and there was Chuck. The adorable Zachary Levi, to be precise, who is totally a cutie but somehow manages to pull off the role of a total nerd, in spite of the muscles. Hee.

So I had to bid. On the pink boxing glove, which of course I need like, well, like . . . okay. I totally don't need it. But it was my birthday and, well, I won. So coming soon to a place of honor in my office: a pink boxing glove autographed by Chuck. I'll probably display it next to the 3 foot tall horse statue (see above re: things I never really NEEDED).

Anybody else a Chuck fan? A Jayne fan? Going to see the magic toy store movie this weekend from sheer child-sized person pressure?


Cindy Holby said...

Well yes, you know I'm a big Jayne fan. And yes I love Chuck! No one delivers a line like Adam Baldwin. Who else can hit someone upside the head with a microwave and talk about moving merchandise?

Love Chuck! Especially love my DVR since I also love Prison Break

Barb said...

My only keeper show of the season so far-- I just adore Chuck, he's so adorable and vulnerable and... and... adorable.


And you're the one who bid on those gloves! I almost did, but went for Eva LaRue's corset instead-- didn't win that either, even though I suspect it would look better on me than on eventual winner, Stanley.

RandomRanter said...

I like Chuck too. And - pretty gloves!

Stacy L. said...

LOL. First, there are many things in my house I don't need but that is another story all together. Yes, we watch Chuck at our house. It is one of the best new shows IMO. And the gloves are super cute.

And the movie...yes, we are going to see it this weekend. My husband is off fishing so my daughter and I are having a girl's weekend and the movie is on the to do list. I think it looks cute. We'll have to compare notes next week. LOL


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the previous post! And, what a nice thanks to us ;)
Mmm. Jayne, Firefly. I think I'll make that my reward for the end of the month.