Friday, November 02, 2007

It's always when I'm on deadline . . .

I think it must be a law of the universe that everything stressful or difficult or just plain annoying happens to me when I'm on deadline. For example, yesterday, when I bit into a pretzel and felt something hinky happen in the back of my mouth.

Guess what? one of my top back teeth snapped nearly in half! One emergency trip to the dentist later (and Dr. Flynn and his staff are BRILLIANT - if you have to break a tooth, fly down to Florida and do it here), I am the sore-jawed possessor of a temporary crown and an appt. for the permanent one to be affixed.

On November 15th.

My deadline is the 26th.


In other, and much more fun news, here is what's happening this coming week (release week!!):

First, if you love your futuristic romance hot and steamy, check out my friend Colby Hodge's new release STAR SHADOWS!! The latest in her Star series is a definite keeper!

Tomorrow, if you're anywhere near Orlando, stop by HERE and join me and several other wonderful authors for a holiday booksigning from 2-5.

On Monday the 5th, I'm the guest blogger at Fresh Fiction, so stop by and talk about characters running wild with me. There's a rumor that an autographed copy or two of ATLANTIS RISING will be offered . . .

Tuesday is RELEASE DAY!!! ATLANTIS AWAKENING will finally be in stores!!! I can't wait to hear what you think about it!!

And Thursday the 8th, join me near Boston at my fabulous RELEASE PARTY at Borders Books in Marlborough!!

After the signing, I'm having a sleepover with my dear friend Suz Brockmann, whose new book hit stores this week. Trust me, you'll want to pick up a copy of ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT - Jules finally ties the knot!!

And, last but not least, Friday the 9th is my birthday, so wherever you are that day, please eat a piece of cake for me!!

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Stacy L. said...

Oh, Alyssa! Your poor tooth! I hope you are feeling better. My husband just had to have a crown replaced. His mouth was sore for a couple of days.

Sounds like you have a really busy month ahead but I hope you find time to do some reading. A bunch of good books were released on the 30th with Suz's book. I get her's through her virtual signings which I totally love! LOL

And in case I miss you on Friday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Counting down to the 6th!! Can't wait to read Ven and Erin's story. WOO HOO!